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Dr. Beth Plachetka


  • Therapy
    • Adolescents
    • Adults
  • Consultation
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Special Education Support
  • Presentations
    • Workplace Bullying
    • Mental Health
    • Education
    • Classroom Management
    • Special Education
    • Behavioral Health
    • Ethics
    • Diversity
    • Specialized Workshops

Relationships are the essence of life in all setting. As Dr. Plachetka offers research-based services to optimize the power of teams, as an Independent Consultant with the Team ClockInstitute. For more information visit https://teamclock.com/

About Me

Beth Plachetka, EdD, LCSW, MSW, MAEL

Owner, President, Therapist

Counseling Philosophy

Each individual is valuable by the fact of their existence. In my experience, no one makes positive changes based on criticism. It is by identifying and building on the individual’s strengths that effective and lasting change takes place. Speak truth with kindness.

Dr. Beth Plachetka

Education: BS, MSW, MAEL, EdD

Memberships/Awards: NASW, National Speakers Association, Kane Co. RJ Mades Educator of the Year 2006

License: LCSW CEU Provider


  • Safe Harbor Counseling Owner/Therapist
  • McKane & Associates
  • School Social Worker Pre-12 Geneva 304
  • Youth Minister – Aurora Central Catholic High School
  • Professional Educator – Aurora Catholic Schools
  • Aurora Police Department
  • Community Counseling
  • Breaking Free

Dr. Beth Plachetka


"I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done. I have admired as a woman, mother and professional. I have been blessed by your mentoring and friendship.”
- Kelly V.

"Beth’s presentation was relevant to my everyday job duties, was engaging, and incorporated real life examples. She is confident in her message, has a wide variety of information that she has personally experienced, and gave helpful tips to help better own practice. I really enjoyed the presentation and the message behind it."
- Ashley T.,MSW, School Social Worker U-46, Elgin. IL

"Beth's insights into student behaviors and management always felt easy and intuitive due to her unique combinations of experiences and problem solving. She is a go-to for difficulties because she listens very well, and coaches in implementing practical and intuitive solutions. Her vast knowledge, experience and kind & confidential openness always creates a safe environment to ask for help without judgement or repercussion “Beth is smart, insightful and has a deep understanding students’ diverse needs balanced with a respect and understanding of the classroom environment.”
- Ame Kazmer, LSB1, MAEL, Special Education Teacher, Geneva, IL

“When listening to Beth speak, the audience is captivated and involved in the conversation. It is her ability and talent to make the audience comfortable and engaged even what dealing with heavy subjects such as mental health and workplace bullying."
- Victor P., MAT in Math and Science, Bilingual Educator in West Aurora School District 129.

"Beth's experience as both a classroom teacher and a social worker allows her to bring a practical approach to the information she presents. When preparing presentations, Beth is able to weed out the unnecessary and keep the information that is most beneficial to students and most manageable for educators. She is an excellent speaker and genuinely cares for the individuals she reaches with her presentations."
- Janet M. , MA, MS, LCPC, Special Education Teacher/Vocational Coordinator, Geneva I

"Dr. Beth Plachetka presented twice to our District's Social Work Department. Once on Writing Measureable Goals and the other time on Ethics in Practicing School Social Work. Dr. Plachetka's presentation style is engaging and interactive. She uses humor and candor very effectively. She makes the audience feel like they are having a conversation with a colleague instead of being lectured at. Both her presentations were well prepared and very informative. She invited the audience both times to "continue the conversation" after the presentation by welcoming questions and comments via email. She also invited our staff to email her ahead of the presentations to ask questions that she could answer during the presentation . She was very thorough and genuinely interested in making sure her presentations met our needs."
- Mary A., LCSW, U-46 Social Work Team Leader

  • Good reminder of issues for me as a therapist & how to resolve them
  • Excellent speaker and topic
  • Great self-care tools
  • Beth Plachetka is an excellent speaker/teacher who is a wonderful story-teller and is able to create the visual in mind
  • Excellent presentation! relatable to real life experience
  • Dr. Plachetka was wonderful! Such an engaging speaker
  • Interesting and helpful presentation
  • Good presentation about self care
  • I am sure Dr. Plachetka’s clients love her! Thank you for offering this training, very good
  • I appreciated her sense of humor, high energy
  • Presented well with combination of human and directness
  • Beth is very personable
  • Great information, great presentation of information
  • Great presentation
  • Excellent dynamic presentation

Public Speaking

Beth speaking to audience

Locations & Dates

  • Linden Oaks Hospital, 2016
  • Central DuPage Hospital, 2016
  • Elgin School District U-46, Elgin, 2015
  • St. Patrick Church, Yorkville, IL, 2014
  • Geneva CUSD #304
  • Geneva Educational Association, 2014
  • Elgin CUSD #45 series 2013
  • Rotary club, Oswego, IL, 2013
  • Kendall County Women to Women, 2013
  • Hinsdale Central High School, 2012Association of Health Teachers 2013
  • St Joseph Church, Aurora, Il 2012, 2013
  • St, Mark Church, Aurora, IL 2012, 2013
  • Geneva CUSD #304, 2010; series 2012-2013
  • Illinois Federation of Teachers, Springfield, Il 2011


  • Ethics in School Social Work
  • Ethics in Transference and Countertransference
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Mental Health in the Classroom
  • Harnessing the Synergy of Team
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Positive Relationships in the Workplace
  • Writing Bench-marked Goals in Special Education
  • Positive Parenting
  • Understanding your Adolescent
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