For most of us, our interactions with the school are with specific teachers, the building, and the district.
There’s a much bigger system that supports and defines what happens in education.
It is important to have a bullseye view of your school system and know how the system works together in educating your child.

In the second part of this 3-week mini-series on Your Life Matters, Social Worker, Dr. Beth Plachetka from Safe Harbor Counseling and Dr. Beth Speaks is explaining the hierarchy of your school system and how it can help in your child’s educational journey.

It’s vital that we partner with each level of the educational system and know where and with whom our partnership is most effective to

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Join our podcast next week as Dr. Beth discusses how as a community, we can support our schools.
Listen last week’s podcast in this 3-part series, School Success.
There is nothing more valuable than a child.

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