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Welcome to our Directory of Resources that includes a list of Book Recommendations and links to workplace bullying resources. Check back often, as new information is added when new resources are discovered or qualified professionals are met.

Please note: These links lead you to helpful information and specialists in the field of workplace bullying. As in all life situations, please consider the content in light of your personal need and experiences, No responsibility is assumed for the content or interactions between the reader and specialists.


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Online Resources for Targets

  • The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) is the sole United States organization dedicated to the eradication of workplace bullying through a combination of public education, research, help for individuals, employer solutions, and legislative advocacy.
  • Learn about the wide range of WBI services just for targets.
  • Watch educational videos and tutorials on the WBI YouTube Channel.
  • Find helpful books about workplace bullying.
  • Visit the American Psychological Association’s resource page on workplace bullying.
  • Discover special topics in workplace bullying by checking out WBI’s free webinars and low-cost self-help videos.
  • David Yamada writes a smart, helpful, must-read blog dedicated to news and commentary about work, workplace bullying, employment and labor law, and psychologically healthy work environments. David Yamada is a tenured law professor and an internationally recognized authority on the legal aspects of workplace bullying. He authored the model anti-bullying legislation (the Healthy Workplace Bill) that has become the template for law reform efforts across the country.
  • Do you think workplace bullying should be illegal? Get involved with the Healthy Workplace Bill legislative campaign to enact state laws to help protect employees from abusive workplace environments


Workplace Bullying for Individuals

Jessi Eden Brown is an experienced, licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Seattle, WA. As the Professional Coach and former Administrator of the Workplace Bullying Institute, Jessi has earned national recognition as a counselor-expert in the field of workplace bullying. She works with +350 clients per year through professional counseling and coaching services offered in the U.S. and worldwide. Visit Jessi’s website to learn more:

The Workplace Bullying Institute website provides insight into the process of workplace bullying through education and research. For more information visit


Workplace Bullying for Employers and Organizations

To Rachel the adult who supported Mia and Sophie in raising awareness about bullying.

Thank you for providing this resource excellent resource!

Drs. Gary and Ruth Namie established the Work Doctor® consulting firm in 1985 and delivered a variety of business consulting services until 1998. Since then, the firm has worked exclusively on employer solutions to correct and prevent workplace bullying. The Namies’ professional background, consulting experience, and unwavering focus on workplace bullying give them an unrivaled, comprehensive perspective of the phenomenon which they introduced to the U.S.

Workplace Bullying University is the most authoritative and comprehensive professional training available in North America on the topic of workplace bullying. The course is well-suited for HR, unions, clinicians, trainers, legislators, management, attorneys, educators, and other professionals.

The APA Center for Organizational Excellence offers a helpful resource page for employers seeking to understand and address workplace bullying

The Team Clock Institute breaks the cycles of struggle experienced by all teams by diagnosing opportunities for growth, creating accountability for healthy team behavior, igniting innovation, and connecting changes in team effectiveness to measurable business visit


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