We have been focused these months on flattening the curve of COVID-19.
Although staying at home and limiting contact, has resulted in significant success in limiting the spread and intensity of the disease, this isolation has also resulted in a rise  in stress, domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse.

How can we flatten this new curve?

Clinical Social Worker, Dr. Beth Plachetka from Safe Harbor Counseling and Dr. Beth Speaks and Mike Williams from WSPY News radio 107.1 explains how we can help support those dealing with the stress from isolation and those dealing with abuse. To learn more about helping to flatten the curve and to learn more about Safe Harbor Counseling, click: Flatten the Curve.

If you are experiencing child abuse, domestic violence or substance abuse, call:1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
If you are aware of abuse report the situation to DCFS. The number is available online and posted on safeharboril.com

Safe Harbor Counseling provides counseling and support for professional educators and supervision for therapists as well individuals, couples and families.
Call Safe Harbor Counseling  at 630-466-8657 or email bethplachetkalcsw@safeharboril.com or visit our website at: https://www.safeharboril.com/contact-us
We offer Telemental Health Services.

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