When people are exposed to viruses, they develop specific symptoms that typically include a runny nose, cough, and fever. Those who are tired and stressed out, and have a weak immune system, are most susceptible to developing symptoms of illness. The virus is unfortunately often shared with family, friends, co-workers and the community.

In a similar vein, people who stand out as informal leaders, who are knowledgeable, independent, and collaborative, are most susceptible to bullying in the workplace. Bullies show contempt for the target’s allegiance to the workplace system and protocols by communicating with implied contempt, disregard and dismissal.

When targets are exposed to months of workplace bullying, they can develop specific symptoms, including mental health and social issues, physical illness, difficulty sleeping, emotional distress, and relationship issues. They can develop an inability to perform duties at home, at work, and in the community.   Cognitive issues may also arise, along with financial problems, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation.   These symptoms, just like those that develop from a virus, are contagious!   Colds and flu are transmitted through viruses, while workplace bullying symptoms are transmitted energetically.

Confusion, isolation, and despair may be noticed as a target’s behaviors and connections with co-workers, customers, family members, and community members change over time, causing those close to the target to feel uncertainty, confusion, and other symptoms.

In order to avoid suffering from cold and flu symptoms, we keep our homes and our bodies healthy. To avoid workplace bullying symptoms, there are five steps we can take to keep our workplace energetically healthy. Insist on clear communication, follow procedures consistently whenever possible, honor boundaries, speak up for others, and demonstrate respect.   Take the steps needed to stop the spread of workplace bullying symptoms in your workplace today!

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