A new school year is a new beginning!
How do we make this year a success for the children, the parents, and the teachers?
Social Worker, Dr. Beth Plachetka from Safe Harbor Counseling and Dr. Beth Speaks is helping us get ready for a great school year with her 3-week mini-series on “Your Life Matters” to help parents and teachers work together to protect, provide, and educate our children.
This week Dr. Beth is discussing how parents can support their child’s learning at home. It’s vital that we partner with teachers for our child’s success.
Listen to Your Life Matters Podcast at: https://bit.ly/3Aw9taO
to hear tips on how to make school a success for your child.
Join our podcast next week as Dr. Beth helps parents know where to turn to for help in your child’s school.
There is nothing more valuable than a child.
The therapists at Safe Harbor Counseling are available when dealing with back-to-school anxiety or other life issues that become overwhelming.
They are available for therapy and support for individuals, couples, and families.
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Because our children’s lives matter.