May is Mental Health Month.

We are reminded that our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

You are going to the doctor for a yearly checkup. Why aren’t you checking your mental health on a regular basis?

Dr. Beth Plachetka from Dr. Beth Speaks and Safe Harbor Counseling will be helping you do a mental health check very week and give you a Mental Health Hack to help you obtain better mental health throughout the year.

This week’s focus is how our physical health can impact our mental health.

Our minds (and our mental health) live in our brains… an organ in our bodies. Therefore, things we do to take care of our general physical health can help our mental health.

Listen to Dr. Beth as she gives us a physical checklist to mental health,

Visit: Mental Health Hacks #1- Physical Attributes

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Your Mental Health is IMPORTANT, take time for you!